Housing of employees can be time-consuming for companies. Relocation010 makes it easy and takes care of all matters related to housing and home furnishing and decoration. Large companies use our full service management agreement for their flexible employee housing.

After a lease period I make sure everything is returned in the same condition as captured during the check-in. For example, I can arrange cleaning, plastering, painting, plumber or electrician. It is also possible to provide a property with furnishing and a complete inventory.

A full service management agreement may include:

  • furnishing a rented house

  • supplementing or replacing inventory

  • key management

  • coordinating weekly cleaning

  • coordinating repair and maintenance

  • contracting energy, water, TV and internet

  • controlling change of occupants / key transfers

  • drafting user manuals and information of the area

  • assistance in finding proper schools and child daycare

  • contact landlord / owner

A full service agreement is customized to your needs.

I'll be happy to visit you to assess your needs and discuss the proposal.

Angelique Chow – de Jonge

Your Relocation Manager

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